Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Support

shutterstock_125846258Helmarc Engineering is one of the foremost independent contractors for Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) and Project Management; as well as Construction liaison representatives for clients committed or inclined towards to construct projects of significant worth in various industries such as Power sector, Oil and Gas Industries, Aviation and so on.

Our multi-gifted EPC workforce makes it a point of duty to build a concerted working affiliation through all disciplines to realize a shared commitment to project goals – such as minimizing the EPC project realization lead time (that is, time between the project initiation and the completions), improving Service Quality Level. This explains why Helmarc Engineering has been able to successfully execute a sizeable number of EPC projects.

Equally as important as Project Engineering and Construction is the procurement aspect.
With international and inland value chains of industrial supply markets developing at an unprecedented pace, it is increasing becoming crucial for organizations to seek to partner sourcing consulting agencies that truly understand the market, equipped to provide clients the most viable, economical and inexpensive sources for their construction projects and in general fully grasps the true cost of doing business.