Helmarc is a leading independent service company providing subsea, drilling and work-over services for oil and gas companies. We provide a wide-ranging set of services, equipments and reservoir optimizing technologies that enable our clients to maximize hydrocarbon recovery from either their Producing fields or Greenfields. We remain dedicated to providing clients proactive solutions and technologies needed to enhance their capabilities.

We pride ourselves on having the necessary skills, know-how and capacity to not only meet but outperform our clients’ previsions, execute work safely, and preserve customers’ assets.

Our flair for high standards and ease to simplify complex work further enhances our ability to maintain a track record of operational excellence our diverse portfolio service.

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Helmarc Engineering Areas of Expertise

We believe our high standards enhances our ability to maintain a track record of operational excellence our diverse portfolio. Our areas of specialization, cut across a broad range of services and, include: Subsea Engineering, Topside Engineering, Offshore Engineering Services (i.e. Pipeline Engineering & Management, Instrumentation & Control, Process Engineering, Structural Engineering, Engineering Design & Studio, Mechanical Engineering), Well Solutions, Project Planning, Engineering and Management, Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Support, and Platform Supply Vessels. Our focus is to strengthen every link of the value chain for our customers, we deploy the best technologies, world-class project management skills and proven safety programs to ensure we achieve continued success. This helps ensure a competitive price, schedule certainty and long-term value.

The Helmarc Difference

Hardly can any firm boast of having more social goodwill in the communities we operate in than Helmarc Engineering mainly because we make it a point of duty to integrate ourselves in to the communities we work in. Our pledge is to always do our best to bring positive changes and continuously improve the worth and quality of life in our host communities by respecting and embracing their diverse cultures and points of view. We achieve such great feat through our:

Unwavering commitment to operate safely; Assertion to repetitively seek-out and deploy innovative technologies; Resolution to be tactful and environmentally considerate; Commitment to further make stronger stakeholder relationships; Long-lasting supportive empowerment programs

We are fully aware that you have options other than us. There are quite a number of oil and gas services companies out there that would claim to deliver same services as Hermarc Limited. So you may ask, what makes us different? Is it our unmatched blend of understanding, skill, experience, and unwavering commitment to ensure that we outperform clients’ expectations in every job that we undertake? Well, this certainly is one of the several reasons why we remain matchless. Many of our returning clients also testify that our in-depth knowledge of the industry, knack for excellence in every aspect of our work and exclusive partnerships with world’s leading engineering establishments qualify us to deliver a suite of valuable solutions and services that guarantee long-term organizational performance and business success.